Sunday, October 31, 2010


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Infernity Beast vs. Great White

Hi. This is Patrick, (duh). This is the second battle today. The battle is a mystical dog vs. a shark. Pick which one will win in a battle or if it will be a tie. Get it right and you get a points next Friday. Most points and the end of this contest gets a prize. So, comment Infernity Beast, Great White, or TIE for what you think the end result or victor will be for the battle. Later.

Tiger Axe vs. Summon Reactor

Hey! One of this week's battles is Tiger Axe vs. Summon Reactor. A tiger with an axe vs.a machine with weapons. Comment who will win in a battle or if it will be a tie. Comment Summon Reactor, Tiger Axe, or TIE. Guess it right and you get a point, which you will receive at the end of the week, (A.K.A. next Friday).

Hanna Banana: The Story That The Greeks Told

Welcome. This be a story the Greek's told. Once upon a time, there was a great kitchen table. On that table, there was a banana named Hanna Banana. She was always trying to avoid getting killed by The Sacred Crusher. Her "friends" all hated her. Once, she sung to The Sacred Crusher, and put him in a coma for 18 months. On a rainy Monday, a monkey came in and chucked her out the open window. Much to her dismay, she was waxing her bruises when this happened, so she did not have her peel. Within a few minutes, Hanna was a yucky pile of wet banana. Hanna said, "Oh, this is probably karma because I put The Sacred Crusher in a coma for 18 months. And also I got into a series of fights with the Not Yet Toast brothers.". Luckily for Hanna, she was dreaming. But, The Sacred Crusher killed her and put her on one of the Not Yet Toast brothers and the other on top of her. Then, Poseidon ate her. And the lesson is, don't fight with people, or a God will crush you and put you with 2 pieces of bread and eat you.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Earth On Justin Bieber's Buckteeth

Hey! Here is a story that the Iroquois told. once upon a time, the Earth was just water, and there were animals. Above was a place called Hollysky Land. A person named Justina Bieber had a brother named Justin Vinchezo Peppe Laca Lat Yaco Bieber who lived in the water because he did not want people to see his teeth. One day Justina, jumped off of Hollysky for no apparent reason. She was caught by a couple of Ushes. The Ushes said, "This weird woman must have fallen from Hollysky. We must tell the Hannks.". They told the Hannks and they said, "I heard near where Justin blablablablabla Bieber lives, there is earth. We shall bring it to Justina, so she can stand.". The Gaga bird tried, and failed miserably. Sean Koon tried, and got far, but failed. Lastly, Bryan Musks tried, when he was about to pass out, he got the Earth. When he got back he said, " Where do I put the Earth?". "On my buckteeth." a voice said. It was Justin blablablablabla Bieber! "Okay." everyone said. Bryan Musks put the Earth on Justin's buckteeth, and it grew and grew and grew, until it became most of the earth. And to this day, the Earth is still on Justin blablablablabla Bieber's buckteeth, (yeah right! The Iroquois told THAT story!).

Chazz And Against Me In I Was A Changed Teenager, (Not Really)

Hey, dudes and dudets. In one of my books a character from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, (Chazz Princeton) and the band Against Me team up to make a song called I Was A Changed Teenager, (not in real life). Here is a rough draft of what he will look like. After that, they team up to do their 2nd and final song, Rich Unlaw, (again, I made this up).

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yoyo's Adventures On Great Pumpkin Island

Greetings from England. Just kidding! Here are some awesome pics of... Great Pumpkin Island. They are awesome! Don't forget to mail your letter to the Great Pumpkin!

Friday, October 15, 2010

In Yo Face Linus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on evry'body HEY HEY WHADAYA SAY!!!!!????? I was just playing on Poptropica new avatar, (his name is Brock, and you'll never see him again because I deleted him. Oops!) and I beat Great Pumpkin. Here is a pic. You may be seeing more.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Battle Blitz Contet Update

Yo. Now, I made another rule for my contest: if you get points they will be put up on the following Friday. So, all points scored on this week's two battles will be put on the scoreboard this Friday. Pat out.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ally Of Justice Reverse Break vs. Ally Of Justice Thunder Armor

WAZZUP?????!!!!!!! The second battle today is Ally Of Justice Reverse Break vs. Ally Of Justice Thunder Armor. Both Machines who enforce the law. Now, here's a new rule to the contest in addition to the ones I already have. If you miss a battle, simply comment on the missed battle or battles, and at the end of the contest I will make one additional battle for each comment on missed battles. So at the end of the contest say 10 people did a missed battle comment, I would make 10 additional battles for everybody to vote on. Anyway, comment on who do you think will win Ally Of Justice Reverse Break, Ally Of Justice Thunder Armor, or TIE.

Ally Of Justice Nullfier vs. Morphing Jar

Hey. This a battle of Rock, Magic, and Machinery. Who will win in the battle? The machine who enforces the law, ALLY OF JUSTICE NULLFIER! Or, the magical rock who stomps on dreams, MORPHING JAR! If you get it right, you get a point via displayed on my blog. At the end of the contest, whoever has the most points at the end of the contest gets a prize. And here's a new rule: you will no longer by able to vote on last weeks or any other past battles after the Friday I post the two new battles. So, at 12:00 A.M. on Saturday, the only battles you will be able to guess on will be this one and the other one I did today. Another thing about the contest is on the other post today. Remember, comment who you think will win, Ally Of Justice Nullfier, Morphing Jar, or TIE.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Justin Bieber... Without Makeup

This is a picture of Justin Bieber... without makeup.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Justin Bieber Map 'O' Texas

Howdy y'all! I'm postin' to show y'all a map of Texas. This post was dedicated to all y'all at my place. Y'all know who you are! Click to enlarge.


Here is some totally cool stuff on Poptropica. Take a look.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Naturia Beans vs. Left Leg Of The Forbidden One

WWWWAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZUUUUPPP? Here is the second battle: Naturia Beans vs. Left Leg Of The Forbidden One. Comment who will win in a battle, Naturia Beans, Left Leg Of The Forbidden One, or TIE. Get it right and you get a point. At the end of the contest whoever has the most points wins a prize! Remember comment if your awesome!

Black Luster Soldier vs. Gilford The Lightning

Yo. Here is one of the contests today. The battle is Black Luster Soldier vs. Gilford The Lightning. Comment Black Luster Soldier, Gilford The Lightning, or TIE. Get it right and you get a point. At the end of the contest whoever has the most points wins a prize!

Happy October!

Hey, hey! This is the first day of October! That means a lot of battles this month. Two are even happening today. P.S. Written on a seat on my bus was "Justin Beaver".