Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Yu-Gi-Oh! Nordic Deck

Read it and weep, Six Samurai decks. No Side Deck YET.

Monsters:23. Spells: 10. Traps: 10.

Monsters: Nordic Ascendant: 3x Mimir, 2x Valkyrie, and 1x Vanadis. Nordic Beast: 1x Tanngrisnir, 3x Garmr, 2x Guldfaxe, and 3x Tanngnjostr. Nordic Alfar: 2x Mara, 3x Ljosalf, and 2x Dverg. Random: 2x Tyr Of The Nordic Champions.

Spells: 1x Monster Reborn, 1x Book Of Moon, 2x The Nordic Lights, 2x Nordic Relic Draupnir, 1x Dark Hole, 1x Mystical Space Typhoon, 1x March Toward Ragnarok, and 1x Swords Of Revealing Light.

Traps: 3x Gleipnir, The Fetters Of Fenrir, 1x Nordic Relic Gungnir, 1x Magic Cylinder, 1x Odin's Eye, 1x Metal Reflect Slime, 1x Solemn Authority, 1x Nordic Relic Brisingamen, and 1x Mirror Force.

Extra Deck: 14. Extra Deck: 3x Odin, Father Of The Aesir, 1x Thor, Lord Of The Aesir, 2x Loki, The Lord Of The Aesir, 2x Stardust Dragon, 1x Ancient Fairy Dragon, 1x Gaia Knight, The Force Of Earth, 1x Scrap Dragon, 1x Black-Winged Dragon, 1x Red Dragon Archfiend, and 1x Thunder Unicorn.

Prepare for paypack, Six Samurai!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Wish I Won The Lottery

Yo! I'm gonna talk about the lottery today! I want to win the lottery so badly, (then again, who doesn't?) The reason is this: if you play Yu-Gi-Oh!, your probably know of Solemn Warning and Pot Of Duality. They sell for about $100 dollars and $150 respectively. Now, I know some of you might play Magic The Gathering and know that some cards cost $2000 +, but it's different in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Solemn and the Pot are featured in almost every true deck, (or maybe a lame deck made by a guy with money) and I have a deck, but I don't have enough funding to by that stuff. I was lucky enough to pull the Solemn once, but I sold it, (stupid, stupid, stupid!) to pay for my new deck, (deck list later). Off topic here! Anyway, if I won the lottery, I would buy two of Solemn Warning. If I happen to come across I duelist with Solemn Warning, I will trade anything in my Gold Box Of Rare And/Or Powerful Cards except Ultimate Obedient Fiend because he has sentimental value to my as my first Yu-Gi-Oh card ever. Bottom lines: 1. If you have Solemn Warning, and I meet you in person, I will trade you almost any of my cards, (I got Dark Simorgh, Blue Eyes White Dragon, Stardust Dragon, etc.) for it. 2. I want to win the lottery! Later!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Annoying Orange Pics 4

Hi! Here are some more Annoying Orange pictures!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Look What I Found

Hi guys and gals! I hit up several garage sales, and in one I found this. It's part of a series called Meanies, that stopped production in 2000. His name is "Otis the Octahunk", which came on his tag. My grandma thought he was "cute". Tons more posts coming tomorrow, including a new weekly series!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Goldylocks Would Hate This

Here are 3 different Goldylocks story's.

Goldlocks And The 3 Tigers

Once upon a time, there was a weirdo woman named Goldylocks who entered a seemingly empty home. There were 3 bowls of tuna, small, medium, and large. Then, the tigers came home and ate Goldylocks. Afterwards, they cleaned the blood up.

Goldylocks And The 3 Emperors Of Yliaster

Once upon a time, three people met. "We must destroy porridge. The porridge factory has a negative reaction on our foundation," said Jakob. "We must go back in time and destroy Lockyourdoors City," said Primo. "But first we must rent a cottage. Brahahahahahaha!" chuckled Lester. "Then let it be so!" yelled Jakob as they were transported to a cottage in Lockyourdoors City. "Lets go out and get some new motorcycle parts to destroy our enemies," said Primo. "For me, electric skateboard arts. Hahahahaha!" laughed Lester, as he was smaller. They left, but left their door unlocked. A few minutes later, a person named Goldylocks entered there cottage and started eating Lester's food. Then, she went on Lester's electric skateboard and crashed. Just then, The 3 Emperors Of Yliaster came back. "Go Meklord Emperor Skiel! Finish her!" Lester yelled with anger. And his machine did just that. A few days later, The 3 Emperors Of Yliaster destroyed the porridge factory and the future was saved. Although, it did cost a few guards and Goldylocks.

Goldylocks And The 3 Bears, (Different Ending)

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Goldylocks who had a record with the police for "breaking in" peoples houses'. She "broke in" the 3 bears Fat, Fatter, and Fattest, home while they were on a jog to lose weight. She found Fattest's, (the father) stash of newly bought broccoli. She found Fatter's, (the mother) stash of newly bought cans of "Tastes Like Crud But Is Good For You". But, she found Fat's, (the son) stash of candy. Goldylocks ate all of Fat's candy. She then found 3 chairs. Fattest's chair squirted broccoli juice. Fatter's chair squirted "Tastes Like Crud But Is Good For You" juice. Fat's chair squirted soda. Goldylocks sat of Fat's chair and drank all of the soda, then fell asleep. The Fat Family came home a couple hours later. They found Goldylocks and tied her up, then called the cops. Soon, the cops showed up and arrested Goldylocks. A few months later she was put on trial and was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

Like I said, Goldylocks would hate that if she really existed!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Triple Friday Palooza

Yo. I gots 3 things to say.

1: The tax stuff I talked about earlier is repealed, and we got the stuff we paid back,(YAY!)

2:Wednesday was Star Wars Day. May the Forth be with you. Get it?

3: As you might already know, last Friday was the Royal Wedding, and I have a few comments. 1. The Royal Kiss should have been a smooch ;{ )! 2: The only reason I wasn't invited is because they don't know how interested in that British stuff.

Thhhaaatttss all folks!