Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stop Bossing Us Around!

Here is a scathing exposé on how parents often boss around their kids like they're slaves. Slavery is illegal so kids shouldn't be forced to do things against their will, or do chores for free. We the kids state that we should have our own will, and be treated as American citizens, not just kids who cannot take care of themselves, unless they really can't. We the kids state we want, rather we long for justice and fairness. So, bottom line, if you are a parent and are treating your child unfairly, making them do things against their will on several occasions, or making them do chores for free, you should stop. On another note, you also shouldn't force kids to eat stuff, just save it for another time. Patrick out, peace! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Awesome Pictures

Go awesome pictures!

A Family Orange

Mahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! They're the fellows at the freakin' FruitCC!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

If Zombies Invade Your School Part 3

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I've been so apprehended with this video game I have. Anyway, back to the story.

Wait! Duh! They are pale, green, and constantly make references to brains. They're zombies! I have to tell people!

Later that day, at recess, I told everybody, including David, who for some reason, was outside when he should be cleaning. They were not that shocked because they pretty much already knew. "OMG, what are we going to do?" squeaked Olivia.

"Easy, we just- uh!" Sam didn't have a chance to finish his sentence because at that moment, a miner zombie shot out of the ground and took Sam with it.

"Run!" said Cole. That's Cole for ya. He comes up with plans in just a few seconds, some might not be that good, and some might not work. We ran into the cafeteria, and shut the metal doors locking ourselves in the kitchen.

"We're gonna die, we're gonna die, we're gonna die!" Olivia said.

"Relax, chickereta. It's show and tell today, and I was going to show my big bag of weapons, and I brought it with me. We can use the weapons to beat the zombies!" Owen said. And there were weapons. Rocket launchers, pistols, swords, machetes, you name it. Yep. It was me, Cole Timmy, David, Donald, Owen, Olivia, and the Dynamite brothers vs. the fellow zombies of Nonzombietown.

Their onslaught took us by surprise, so we weren't quick to act, but we weren't terribly slow to act. We sent Nate, Ben, and Timmy out to fight the zombies, along with us fight from within the kitchen. Within hours, Nate and Ben were turned into zombies...


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

If Zombies Invade Your School Part 2

Yo! Here's part 2 of my story!

"Attention, people. I'm Dr. P.T., your new principal, and I'm going to make a few changes. First: I'm adding chilled animal brains to the lunch menu. Second: The teachers are each getting their own meeting with me tonight. And finally: Teachers must keep their classroom doors locked," said Dr. P.T..

"Weird..." I said.

The next day, all the teachers seemed different except Mrs. Sty, David,(he's our janitor with the hobo brother) and Dr. P.T.,(he was acting strange, as usual). The day went slow, as usual.

The next day, all the kids other than the ones in my classroom were acting weird. Well, Brea was acting weird, and after recess, all the girls were acting weird, except for Olivia. But today, Mrs. Sty was extra feisty and gave all the boys in her class detention.

After detention, us boys went to ask David, who BTW, is a zombie trivia expert. Not as much as a zombieologist, though. "Yo, Dave, my man, I need to ask you something," said Timmy.

"Something about everybody acting weird, I presume. Yeah they're acting like zombies," Dave said.

Finally, it was Friday, (we started school on Tuesday) and I arrived at school greeted by an announcement on the loud speaker. "Attention, classes, I have spoke with the mayor, and every citizen in Nonzombietown will meet at the park, except for all the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, which are you people," said Dr. P.T.. I really am starting to hate that guy.

After that meeting, my folks were acting weird.

That following Monday, everybody tried to bite us. That freaked me out, considering that to turn into a zombie, one has to bite you first...


Sunday, June 5, 2011

If Zombies Invade Your School Part 1

Hey! I'm gonna write a story in parts, starting with this one. Also, the main character narrates this story. This story may be turned into a short movie.

I'm Patrick. Patrick X. My last name is unpronounceable and unspellable. So, I'm known as just Patrick X. Summer just ended, and I'm going to school to see who my 5th grade teacher is.

Going into the building again was a shock, but I somehow lived though it. "Class take your seats!" snapped Mrs. Sty.

Yep, I got Mrs. Sty. We call her Mrs. Pigsty. She's the meanest of the bunch. "I am Mrs. Sty, your 5th grade teacher. I can tell you 5th grade will be the toughest thing you have ever faced, but you urchins will live though it. Hopefully. Now, Owen, weapons are not tolerated, and any you have will be confiscated."

"Like this?" Owen asked as he knocked Mrs. Sty unconscious with a bowling ball. Then as you can imagine, everybody started going crazy, until our principal showed up.

"How's everybody going? I'm your new principal, Dr. P.T.. Teacher is unconscious, I see. Great!" said Dr. P.T..

"Uh, good?" Sam said. Sam Endower is the guy you can count on for a distraction.

"No! It's not going good!" snapped Olivia. Olivia Capworth is the girl most guys are into.

"Don't mind Olivia, she's on a medication that makes her say random stuff," said Cole. Cole Struggle is the quick thinking strategist you can count on to quickly spit something out.

"Hey, I think it's gym time," said Timmy. Timmy Observe, (pronounced ob pause servvve) is strong, buff, and comes up with sports related excuses/escape routes.

"Yes well, later I will be holding an assembly," said Dr. P.T..


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hobo Soup And Memory 1

Yo! I'm here to tell you a memorable memory from 4th grade, I'll try to do this every day, counting down to the 22nd, the last day of school, (I complain to NYS government for a very short summer vacation). In my opinion, summer vacation should go from June 1st to September 1st! Long live summer vacation! Anyway, a memorable moment was when Salman said a very funny joke while I had Jello in my mouth, and I spit it out!