Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cinema Madness Week Sunday: Spongebob Squarepants Movie

Aye, aye, aye, aye! This be a hardy review of Da Spongebob Sqarepants Movie. I loved it! 4 3/4 Dark Magicians out of 5. I liked it when out of nowhere, Patrick and Spongebob just start slapping their knees on the monster. LOL. I liked their patty car. Although, it had a fitting end. Being eaten by a monster than that monster being eaten by another monster. I hope their car insurance covers that :{)! It's weird how they eat so much ice cream cause they're depressed, and wind up unconscious on the floor the next day. Princess Mindy is kinda pretty, so no wonder Pat has feelings for her. The music video at the end was the best part, if you ask me.

Cinema Madness Week Sunday: Best Player

Cool. The chillan' review starts now!!!!!! I liked this movie. I give it 4 Dark Magicians out of 5. Jerry and Jennette, better known as Sam and Spencer, did a good job with this movie. I would say that they're most known for their roles as Sam and Spencer in iCarly. This movie's about a man who plays video games and lives with his parents and spends all his money on video games. His parents are going to a retirement home and need to sell the house for more money than Quincy, (Jerry Trainor) has. Then, he talks to his friend Wendell, (Amir Talai) about a tournament of Black Hole, and the grand prize is $500 more than what he needs to buy the house. But he can't defeat this one player who calls herself Prodigy who turns out to be Christina Saunders, (Jennette McCurdy). The tournament is on the day of Chris's prom. In the end, Q. and Chris's mom and Chris and a guy named Ash go out to prom.

Cinema Madness Week Sunday: Fred: The Movie

Hey. (I'm gonna look up interesting intros soon). For the last three reviews, I'm going to pick Nick movies. Ah, Fred. The annoying screecher. He gets his own movie. I know annoying people, and they don't get their own movies. I know people who deserve their own movies, but they don't get them. Mainly because of money. I didn't like it. At first I liked it, but then, I thought about it, and I realized it wasn't that good of a movie. I give it 2 out of 5 Dark Magicians.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cinema Madness Week Saturday: Toy Story 3

Hey, hey, hey! Time for the review! Yeah, I'm probably not going to review the 2nd Toy Story. Now: This is a very, very, tear breaking movie, but I didn't cry. It was good. I give it 4 Dark Magicians out of 5. The escape from Sunnyside. Epic. I liked when they were playing a toy version of rulet with Monopoly money. Funny. That's about all the positive things I can say, but I can't say anything bad about it either. I just didn't see anything else that popped out. It was good.

Cinema Madness Week Saturday: Toy Story

Hey, it's Pat. I'm typing this post at the moment, and I'm not tired. I made pretzels today. That cinnamon and sugar is bad. Time for the review! It was okay. I didn't love it, I didn't hate it. Ever wonder if toys talk when you leave? This movie is themed about it. A cowboy and a astronaut compete for a boy's affection, and scar a boy who kills toys. The boy was freakin' scared of a doll. Scarred for LIFE. What are Woody's accomplishments for the day? "Oh Buzz, I scarred Sid for life so he will end up in a straight jacket when he grows up," he would say. The point, (I usually get off topic on these reviews) I give it 3 1/2 Dark Magicians out of 5.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Cinema Madness Week Friday: Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban

Yo. I'm reviewing yet another Harry Potter movie. The Prisoner of Azkaban. I'm very tired. But I'll keep to my promise. Two reviews each day for a week. And here's this one: Ah, this movie. Sirius Black was a good man. Until Bellatrix killed him in the 5th movie. Bt then she was killed by Molly in the 8th movie for killing Fred, and almost killing Ginny. I can't believe that James Potter hexed Snape in his youth, and Snape takes his anger out on Harry. Whoops, that was from the 5th movie. There was like nothing about that in the 3rd movie. Black was framed! I give it 3 1/2 Dark Magicians out if 5. Well, I'm turning in.

Cinema Madness Week Friday: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoniex

Hey, hey, whadaya say? I'm tired! Here's the review of Harry Potter 5. The person I hate the most in the Harry Potter: Dolores Umbridge. I hate her. She is just horrible. When she was taken bu Centaurs I'm like, yes! I also hate that Fudge person. Back on topic, Umbridge is crud. Forcing kids to hurt themselves by using their blood to write lies. She made a first year cry! Eat a rag, you Twinkieface! If I was Harry, I would have used Crucio on her! Sorry for the Harry Potter related aggression. The point? This movie is AWESOME. 4 out of 5 Dark Magicians.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cinema Madness Week Thursday: Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Hey! I'm reviewing H.P. and the Goblet of Fire! It was good. 4 Dark Magicians out of 5. Cedric Diggory's death was a bummer, (killed by Peter Peter Pettigrew by the command of Voldemort) He did nothing to deserve it, well, except maybe trying to kill a bewitched Viktor, who lived. Why did they have a tournament where students could actually die for no reason, other than for sport? What the heck Umbridge! Sorry, I'm watching the part where Umbridge becomes Headmaster and RUINS HOGWARTS! She'll meet a BAD end if she keeps this up. Well, you guys are probably gonna here more about this tomorrow!

Cinema Madness Week Thursday: Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

Bonjour! I'm reviewing H.P. and the Chamber of Secrets. Ah, Harry Potter. I'm watching, (well, rather listening because I'm working on this) the 5th one right now, (I might review it tomorrow!) ANYway, I liked it. I give it 3 1/2 Dark Magicians out of 5. The whole Basalisk fight scene was cool. And when Harry saw Tom Riddle, and when he met his ghost or something. Yeah that was cool. Later!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cinema Madness Week Wednesday: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Chello! This is a movie review for H.P. and the Sorcerer's Stone! I give it 3 3/4  Dark Magicians out 5. I liked it. That Qurrell dude sure was creepy. Ya know, until he died because of Harry. Harry Potter: murderer at age 11. To bad. He might have died because of that jinx Tom Riddle put on Hogwarts when he was declined for Defence Against The Dark Arts. Anyway, the movie was OK, but, did you now that the snake Harry freed could possibly be Nagini? Anyway, laters!

Cinema Madness Week Wednesday: Star Wars 3

Pat in da house! I'm reviewing Star Wars 3! It is the last live action Star Wars movie they've made,  and it was made in 2005. This is the movie where Anakin finally snaps and turns to the Dark Side of the Force. Click on the link! What? Click on the link! Get outta my head, get outta my head! TV reference! OK, now that that very awkward moment is over, lets get back to Star Wars 3. I saw how they do the Lost Limb Special Feature, on Disc 2. I didn't really like the Anakin actor. Hayden wasn't it? The battle between Palpatine, Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, Saesee Tiin, and Agen Kolar was my favorite part. Well, in the end, I give it 3 3/4 Dark Magicians out of 5.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cinema Madness Week Tuesday: Star Wars 2

Yo. I've just reviewed the first, now it's time for the worst, (just kidding) Yeah, I actually think the worst one is the 5th one. I give this 3 Dark Magicians out of 5. Annyyyway, I didn't like this movie because it was based on romance between Anakin and Padme. I know, I liked Just Go With It. But, this is intergalatic love people! The only part I liked was the final battle on that planet I don't know how to spell. Yeah. But I do see why Anakin loved Padme! :)

Cinema Madness Week Tuesday: Star Wars 1

Hey guys! This is a movie review of Star Wars 1. I think the actor who played young Anakin was good. I saw nearly the entire 6 hour Disc 2 with all the bonus features on a road trip to Canada, (you remember that story, right?) So, I saw how it was made, and stuff; their Tunisian set was destroyed by a storm. Back on topic, the stunt coordinator did all the prequels and was amazing. Yep, the fighting and stunts were awesome. Their were over 1,000 different costume designs that made it in the movie! And some had to be mass made! Well, I think I've said enough to try to get you to watch the movie. Oh yeah, I give it 4 3/4 Dark Magicians out of 5.