Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Patz Dayz August 31, 2011 I Wanna Make A Movie

I wanna make a movie. Out of my secret project. If you didn't know the secret project is an action packed movie, (I'll be willing to sell out! I will! I really will! I'll sell out! Just to clarify I will! I'll sell out! I really will! Let it be known I will sell out! Message sunken in yet?) I'm gonna make some progress after I finish writing this. If you're wondering, my day contained of nothing writable. Wait! I went to a baseball game. I left early because the game was getting boring and I was tired. When I left we were winning 4 to 1 against the Jr. Red Sox. A famous Red Sox player was there, number 40 something. Our team is the Red Wings, and we stink! I want to make a movie! I'll sell out! Although, it's not because I want to make money, it's because I want to see my idea on the big screen. Especially the last one. That will be the best and most action packed one. On that note, here's a quote by Dr. Seuss on stuff ending. Like Harry Potter. A vacation. A SUMMER vacation.

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."
— Dr. Seuss

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Cross Between FreddieW and Nigahiga?

Hey! I was just browsing my Goggle Reader, reading some Laughing Squid, and BOOM, I come across this video: Jedi Kittens by FinalCutKing. Amazing. Naturally, I check out his YouTube account and some of his other videos. Some are more FreddieW-ish, some are Nigahiga-ish, some are a comedic account I have yet to discover, and some are hybrids. I check his Subscriber Count, and he only has 76,019 (as of 5:21 PM August 29, 2011)! He deserves more! So, if you read this, and have a or want to make a YouTube account, Subscribe to him! All you have to do, is go to one of his videos, and hit Subscribe! Do it! Also, if you like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Subscribe to me! If you don't, SUBSCRIBE ANYWAY!

I Wonder What Happened To This Place

During Hurricane Irene, Hieronymus Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar in Wilmington, NC showed no sign of closing. It looks so funny, you'd think the letters were swapped. I wonder what happened to this place. I think it looks cool, if you like seafood. I don't eat seafood. But that doesn't mean you guys shouldn't try it if you're in the area!

A Taste Of Garoldy Yiho (A Character In My Secret Project

Hey! Here's a taste of Garoldy Yiho, the person who was crushed by a dough ball. Then it exploded, scarring him. Our reporter, Pat Patlington, just gave an interview to Garoldy Yiho. Also, if, in parentheses, you see the word secret, it means, I don't want to give it away just yet.
Pat: How did you react to getting hit with a dough ball and getting crushed and scarred?
Garoldy: It didn't stop my career as a (secret).
Pat: But how did you react?
Garoldy: I was asleep pretty much the entire time!
Pat: How?
Garoldy: Dirker's Sleeping Juice.
Pat: What is your relationship with Rax?
Pat: muttering: I think he hit his head in that crash too. back to normal: No your friendship.
Garoldy: He just saved my live multiple times. Yeah, he's an OK kid.
Pat: Have you recommended him to the (secret) recruitment people?
Garoldy: Yep. And he was on of the rare few that passed.
Pat: Good to know. Now, can you still fight- (interrupted by several bounty hunters breaking in) AH!
(Garoldy whips out his (secret) and defeats the bounty hunters. Pat is only injured slightly)
Garoldy: This always happens.
Pat: Ow... My arm hurts.
Garoldy: Take a leaf from my tree... and cut off your arm!
Pat: I'll be okay.
Garoldy: If you say so.
Pat: The interview is over! I'm not taking the risk of being attacked by bounty hunters! AGAIN.
At that point, Pat quit and we found a new interviewer. He now works at a chain restaurant.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

School Stinks- Patz Dayz August 28, 2011

Hey guys! I'm starting yet another new thang on my website called Patz Dayz! It's basically what happened during my day. WARNING: Once school starts, there's a 99.9% chance you will think these are boring if I do them on a school day. Anyway, time for the update!

Mood: OK
Today was mostly boring. I spent the day mostly living in leisure. I should've spent time working on my project. Potato's take time to cook. I made doughnuts. They smelled like nuts, even though we used none, but I didn't eat any anyway. Recipe here! Only 9 more days before I'm enslaved, along with thousands of other kids!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Popular Singers REALLY Depend On Auto Tune

Even the cruddy ones. WARNING: Rebecca sounds even worse without auto tune. No offense against Rebecca. I even added the regular one for you guys to see the difference! So funny at 2:12!

Top 3 Pictures That Came Up When I Searched "Ice Cream"

Last post of the night. But it is still "cool".

Top 3 Pictures That Came Up When I Searched "Creative Pizza"

Weird. Pizza Fork. $12.

Top 3 Pictures That Came Up When I Searched "Patrick Star"

Go Patrick Star!

3 Awesome Mascots

AWESOME MASCOTS! Otto The Orange, Kool Aid Man, and the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Just Eat It!

A Spongebob version of a parody of a classic MJ song. Enjoy!

Top 3 Pictures That Came Up When I Searched "Interesting Pictures"

I'm starting a new segment on my blog called "Top 3 Pictures That Came Up When I Searched...". Here's the first one. Interesting Pictures. The third one is true.

Voldemort Being A 5 Year Old

Volemort's playing dress up.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yugioh: Brief Thoughts On The Possible Banlist

Sorry about the lack of posts, been on a Cyber Vacation, (at least on my blog, I can't stay off the internet for a week!). Look at the banlist on this rebutable site here. Time for my thoughts!

New Ban (0):

  • Fishborg Blaster: Fish FTK, or OTK.
  • Mind Master: FTK, OTK
  • Giant Trunade: Why?
  • Royal Oppression: Hurt Blackwings some more why don't ya?

New Limited (1):

  • Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning: Uh oh, Chaos.
  • Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En: Take that, Six Sams!
  • T.G. Hyper Librarian: We all knew this.
  • Debris Dragon: ?
  • Formula Synchron: Framed, by Hyper Librarian.
  • Lonefire Blossom: To injure the plant engine.
  • Heavy Storm: Why? This is better than Trundae!
  • Primal Seed: 'Cause of B.L.S..
  • Shein's Smoke Signal: Again, take that Sams!
  • Pot of Avarice: Needed.

New Semi-Limited (2):

  • Summoner Monk: To encourage Xyzs.
  • Tragoedia: Okkkk...
  • Necro Gardna: Watch out for Twilight.
  • Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier: I dunno.
  • Destiny Draw: To increase sales on Legendary Collection 2.
  • Swords of Revealing Light: Weird.
  • Mind Crush: Why was this even at 1?
  • Call Of The Haunted: I dunno.

New Unlimited (3):

  • Judgment Dragon: Lightstorms. Will. Kill. Us. All.
  • Spirit Reaper: Not even worthy to be on the list.
  • Overload Fusion: More Machines.
  • Mystical Space Typhoon: Okkkk...
  • Megamorph: Why was this limited!?
  • Gravity Bind: 'Cause of Xyz's; they make this card useless.
  • Icarus Attack: Who runs three of this?
That's it. What do you guys think of the banlist?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Three Facts And A LIE About Patrick

Hey! About, 11 months ago, give or take, my 4th grade teacher did this thing about writing three facts and a LIE about ourselves, and then the rest of the class went in different corners of the room, based on their choice of the LIE. Anyway, I'm gonna make a few of those, and if the person has a website and/or a YouTube channel, I'll leave a link. As my saying goes, Patricks' first!

A: I think the Hidden Valley commercial is dumb, (That valley is not hidden, it's non-existent)

B: My favorite animal is the clown fish.

C: I liked the homemade pretzels I made with my dad.

D: I quit the Brighton Soccer League because it was being run ineffectually.

Which one do you think is a filthy LIE hanging with the other facts? Leave your answers in the comments!

Pizza Boxes!

Scott and me share similar likes. Pizza.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Hey. My dad says I shouldn't start a whole new website for Yugioh. What do you guys and gals think? Should I start a new site or write about Yu-Gi-Oh here? Leave your answers in the comments below, and I'm also putting up a poll after I finish writing this. Now for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Nordics. An awesome arktype that was overshadowed by Legendary Six Samurais. They need a frickin' makeover! If anyone from Konami, or someone who can contact someone over there, make a few cards that make Nordics better. Like, some brute force. Some card recovery. Rarieties: Balder, Forseti, and Path To Asgard are Ultra Rare. Tree Of Yggdrasil is a Super Rare. Nordic Serpant J√∂rmungandr is a Rare. Send this to Konami!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Patz Sketchez 2

Time for another sketch! This one: my take on the saying, stuck between a rock and a hard place. Next time: bull in a china store!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Patz Sketchez

Hey! Every now and then, you guys will see a sketch of mine. This one is my take on the saying, "Don't let the bed bugs bite!"

Monday, August 1, 2011

What's Been Happening In The Past Week

Whats up? Pateo here! Wow, that was bad. I haven't really had time to tell you guys whats been happening this week because I've been too busy with Cinema Madness Week.Let me tell you the good things that have happened since last Sunday.
1: I made some more progress on my secret project!
2: I got a cool LEGO set.
3: I went to East Avon Flea Market. Good place.
4: I got Ally Of Justice Catastor, (above).
5: I bought a cool moose, (not a real one).
6: My mom came back from New York, and gave me a stuffed hot dog.
7: I unlocked the last Plants vs. Zombies mini-game.
8: I finished the first Harry Potter book in about 3 days.


I've seen some crazy Apple Store videos, but this one takes the cake!