Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Birthday Shoutout

Yo. First order of business- I'm wishing one of my fans, (Vicky) a happy birthday! The reason I haven't been writing a lot is A: I've had a fair amount of school stuff to do. B: The If Zombies Invade Your School thing took a lot out of me. C: I've been working on my stop motion, but you will not be disappointed by my new Harry Potter Brickfilm, (if you are, then frankly I don't care). And D: I've been writing scripts. More actual written pieces coming soon.
Harry Birthday To You
Harry Birthday To You
Harry Birthday Dear Vicky
Harry Birthday To You

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

If Zombies Invade Your School Part 10- The Conclusion

With every bullet that hit the zombies' filthy bodies, I felt a terrible sadness, but only for a few seconds because I had to shoot more zombies. "We're at the thigh!" Dave said. "And you're at the die," a zombie said. "Gagagagagagaga!" said Dave as he took a machine gun and fired away. "His belly button is a swirling vortex!!" Olivia said. "Go around it!" Vanderdaze said. After several long minutes of fighting, we arrived at the neck, which was a spiral staircase. "Let's move out!" Dave said. He went first, but while he was running up, a zombie disintegrated and he fell to his death. "Ah man!" I said. As we went on we arrived at the top. But then, tragedy struck. I fell, only to be saved by Olivia. "AH!!" I said. "I got cha, big guy," Olivia said. "Thank you." "I would never let you fall." We reached the top only to see: a whole freakin' giant group of zombies with guns! At the top of the head was the controls. "Well, the best way out is always through!" Vanderdaze said. And we did that. We fought through the onslaught. I got shot in the body a few times, and once in the head. Olivia once in the knee. Vanderdaze, well, lets just say he won't be hearing in his left ear or walking for a while. "Come out and face me, you coward!" I yelled. "Ah, Patrick," Dr. P. said. "I'M GONNA KILL YOU! AH!!!!" I lunged myself at him. We fought for a while until  pulled out his heartamoberthingy, which apparently destroyed the zombie and it's parts went everywhere. "Well, now what?" I asked to the empty sky. "This," Olivia said. Then Olivia kissed me. Then all the zombie parts became people. Well, just about everything worked out.
The End?
Credits to Steve, Ragnav, Timmy, Cole, Sam, Nate, Ben.

If Zombies Invade Your School Part 9

After that, shocking confesion, everybody started freaking out. My anger got the best of me, and I pinned Dr. R. to the ground. "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHAT YOUR CREATION HAS PUT US THROUGH?!! DO YOU?!!" "I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't do it on purpose! I all started like this. I had ordered some human parts from Brazil a-" "Isn't that illegeal?" Olivia asked? " I've done things that could've made me a fugitive. Now, the parts were rotten, so I BURNED THEM! I BURNED THEM IN THE FURNACE! And somehow, the ashes got on the roof, and got struck by lightning, and the next thing I know a zombie is trying to kill me and my w- AH!" Dr. R. said. Dr. R. got bit by a zombie. His eyes turned red, his skin turned grey and BAM! Vanderdaze shot him with a pistol. "Let's roll. We go up to the brain. That's most likely we're the controls are," Vanderdaze said. "There are like 50 zombies on the knee!" Olivia yelled. "LOCK & LOAD!" I said.

If Zombies Invade Your School Part 8

Then, I came to. "Where am I?" I asked. " Your at Dr. R.'s house," Vandergaze said. "Gggggggg," I murmured. "What?" Vandergaze asked. "Iiiiiiiiaaaaaa," I murmured. "What, sugar lumps?" Olivia asked. "Nnnnnnntttttt," I murmured. "What, bro?" Dave asked. "GIANT ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled.  The Giant Zombie kicked the house and totally destroyed it. "MY LAB!" Dr. R. yelled. With one more stomp, we were suddenly in the zombie's FOOT! "OMG, a zombie!" Olivia screeched. "This whole thing is made of zombies!" Dave said. "No, she means a walking zombie," Vandergaze said. "Falcon punch!" His punch just made a big hole in the zombie. "What? That's not cool, brother zombie!" "A zombie keeps walking unless it is beyond repair," Dave and Dr. R. said together. "You're a zombie guru too?" Dave asked Dr. R.. "I'm much more than a zombie guru. I'm a zombie creator."

If Zombies Invade Your School Part 7

"How will we escape?" Olivia whined. "We're off to see the wizard," I said. "That's from the wizard of Oz," Olivia said. "Yeah, well... shut up!" I said. "What about Dr. R. Derrickson?" she asked. Now, being a janitor, I've heard of Dr. R. Derrickson. He's in the wall of shame in the National Museum of Janitoriam. I'd only heard rumors. He once did an experiment that doused an entire town in goop. It took several months to clean it up. Not to mention he's responsible for thousands of explosions. Rumor has it you will find him at twilight on a second full moon of a month. Or he's standing out there getting mail. " Hello!" Dr. R. said. " There's a giant zombie right over there!" I said. " I blame the current president," he said. Current president? He is oldddd. " Let us in your house!" Olivia demanded. "OK." he said. Then out of nowhere, I giant spiked ball appeared, with a door. A door! A DOOR!!!!! Well, we entered. "Dad, all my friend's Facebook status' said "i am a zombie"!" a kid said. "Well, there's nothing I can do. Strangers, this is my son, Vandergaze," Dr. R. said. "Hiya," Vandergaze said. " Umm, Vandergaze, there's a giant zombie that wants to kill us," Olivia said. "WTF!" Vandergaze said.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

If Zombies Invade Your School Part 6

"Oh my gosh! There are like 7,678 zombies!" Olivia said. What happened next, I don't know, so I asked Dave, and this is what he said.
It happened so fast. Patrick jumped and faced the zombies, unnecessarily took his shirt off and then a giant beam shaped like an X appeared and he shot it at the zombies. There was zombie guts everywhere! I almost grabbed my gloves and plastic bags. Olivia cried for her lost friends and family members. Patrick saw her doing it just before he passed out. Then something amazing happened. The zombie parts started shaking. Then 1 by 1, they formed a giant master zombies with, guess who, on top. Dr. P. was on top of the giant zombie! I grabbed Patrick, and Olivia and I jumped off the roof. We also jumped into the windows of a car and, apparently, they left the keys in the car. Gosh, this is like Alan Wake. Good game. Well, the giant zombie had a great sense of knowledge because it tried to kill us by stomping on us. The stupid car barely started in time for us to avoid getting crushed by the giant zombie. Lets roll! We were being chased by the giant zombie and we nearly got killed a couple time. One time the giant zombie through a bunch of smaller zombies at us. It hit us and the zombies ripped our roof off. Luckily I still had some ammo left in my pistol.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post Halloween Blues

DANG YOU, NUT ALLERGY!!!!!!!!!! DANG YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!